1. Is there a lot of work in Security Industry?

Yes, there is if well trained and know where to look, some companies will offer you a good role and terms and conditions others will not. We know the good companies and only recommend them.

2. How many days does the course last?

Static QQI LEVEL 4 STATIC is a 3 days course.

3. How long does it take to get a PSA License?

We are experts and will show you how to get your application processed, with over 8,000 candidates trained we have the information to get you your license in a reasonable amount of time and get you working quickly.

4. What is the best course for me?

We do not sell you a course that you do not need, most people only need to complete a QQI Level 4 code 4N1118 course if you need something else we will give you the correct information!!