Door Security Training 4N1114 certified by Mackin Consultancy

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next course November 4th, suggest booking combined as best option


Requirement: all candidates must have a good level of English both spoken and written to attend. There is a written exam at the end of the course and practical assessments.

Level : Upper Intermediate minimum


How to Book:

  • Fill the registration form with the required details and pay the deposit by hitting the submit button.
  • Receive STUDY MATERIAL and prepare for the course.
  • On completion, of course, receive certification and apply for the PSA license.

What you get:

    1. TRF Letter for PSA APPLICATION
    1. QQI Level 4 Certificate in Door Security Procedures 4N1114 validated by Mackin Consultancy
  1.  Free Security CV template.
  2. Best Trainer in Industry, no one has trained more people, well respected by leading companies

If you do not receive fact sheet and study material within 3 hours email and we will send it to you straight away. 

Course Content: 

  • Law and the Security Officer – the key aspect of your role
  • Communication Skills in Security — how to deal with clients, document
  • Risk Assessment — understand safety statements
  • Fire Procedures –  how to reduce the risk of fire
  • Standards and Documentation — the importance of documentation
  • Technology and the Security Role — the future of technology
  • Working as Part of a Team – critical in this Industry
  • Labour Law in Ireland, contracts, employee handbooks.
  • case study events such as Electric Picnic, Slane, and Aviva events

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All information supplied by you will be stored on computer and on file and will be used only for the purposes registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, amended 2003, details of which are available under request. 

We will help you with your PSA application

Center Number 38592 Q  all courses certified through Mackin Consultancy Ltd.

refunds are non-refundable but you will be offered the option to transfer onto next course where reasonable.