Combined Security Training Programme


Date   Jan 27th    2021 course book today  295 euro As covid is affecting us all we have reduced price this price will remain in place in 2021 until June 2021



dates  Jan 27th Jan 28th Jan 29th ,Feb 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th     

Courses all month every  week fully online for your safety  

Jan 13th 10.00 am to 3.00 pm 

8 sessions in all

How to Book:

  • Fill the registration form with required details and pay the deposit by hitting submit button
  • Receive STUDY MATERIAL and prepare for the course.
  • On completion, of course, receive certification and apply for the PSA license.

What You Get:

    1. Training record form  for PSA APPLICATION
    2. QQI Level 4 Cert in Guarding Skills 4N1118 and QQI Level 4 Cert in DSP 4N1114 validated by Mackin Consultancy
  1.  Best Trainer in Industry, no one has trained more people, well respected by leading companies. Only centre with a 5.0 rating on google. All our trainers are degree holders and have worked in middle or senior management
  2. Access to our network of contacts  –all our good trainees get good jobs quickly WE can set up Interviews for you with Leading companies. 

How to Book: email – or scroll down to use automated service 

If you do not receive fact sheet and study material within 3 hours email and we will send to you straight away. 

How Much: 295 Euros no extra charges Quality Training with excellent career support.

Course is delivered through Zoom

Requirements, laptop, camera separate, good broadband in a quiet space. Invite sent 2 days prior to course. All sessions must be attended, there is also a study log which we explain on first day.

3 assignments completed as directed by trainer 

Kindly fill the form to register online.

1. Once payment has been received course has officially commenced as study material is provided and study commences. We have a strict no refund policy.

2. As it is an intensive short course breaks are regular but short, our trainers will not be happy if Learners are late coming back to class. Students will not be allowed class if more than 30 minutes late as disrupts the sessions for the trainer and other students attending.

3. Certification is a complex process so we may have to contact via email to confirm details for QQI or the PSA, this is beyond our control.

4. We only keep the information that is required to get you certified.

5. It is important to prepare for the course and to complete coursework. This makes the course easier and means less work during the week. There is a Study Log on course and this must be completed as per Trainers Instruction. Your Trainer will guide you through this on Day 1.

6. It is important to participate in course it is a Learning experience and most people are nervous we will try to make it easy and enjoyable.

7. We do not have any direct relationships with Security Companies but can direct you to a few that treat their employees with respect and Dignity.

We like to see you find good employment in the evolving Security Industry.
All information supplied by you will be stored on computer and on file and will be used only for the purposes registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, amended 2003, details of which are available under request. 

Center Number 38592 Q  all courses certified through Mackin Consultancy Ltd.

Course Content: 

  • Law and the Security Officer – the key aspect of your role
  • Communication Skills in Security — how to deal with clients, document
  • Risk Assessment — understand safety statements
  • Fire Procedures –  how to reduce the risk of fire
  • Standards and Documentation — the importance of documentation
  • Technology and the Security Role — the future of technology
  • Working as Part of a Team – critical in this Industry
  • Labour Law in Ireland, contracts, employee handbooks.

Course Content

  • Communication Skills — Modern Security Communication
  • Law and the Security Officer
  • Workplace risk assessment —PRACTICAL
  • Emergency equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Working in a Data centre
  • Use of security equipment, CCTV, alarms systems personal equipment
  • Personal development, career plan
  • Case study work on what is meant by loss and fraud prevention
  • What is meant by reasonable and necessary force
  • Appropriate on-site cash handling procedures
  • Illegal Drug use -how to identify
  • How to refuse Entry to Venue
  • Working as Part of a Team

Practical Skills Demonstrations

  • Searching an individual
  • Conducting Patron Refusal of Entry/ Removing a Person
  • Dealing with aggressive persons
  • Teamwork
  • Use of fire extinguishers
  • Action on finding an injured person
  • Use of notebook/report writing
  • Making a short presentation


 Terms and Conditions

please read when booking