So you want to get a Security Job?

What License do you need?

there are 2 types

1.Static License  — most Security staff just need this — work for companies like Noonan, G4S, Synergy, Securitas, ISS, OCS, DAA.(airport) 

2.Door License — anywhere alcohol is served work for companies like RFC, Delta Security, Croke Park, Aviva.

Most jobs only require a Static License — jobs such as Retail security, Industrial Security, Corporate Security –this is the cheapest way to get started the Training is only 195 with us and the Private Security Authority (government) only charge 90 for the application.

Door Security is only required for part-time jobs at events or venue where alcohol is served — the fee for training in static and door is 295 with us but the PSA will charge 230 euro if you want both licenses.

Most people never use the Door License but Training Organisations sell it to them –we do not do this as we know you are wasting your money

email for more details

Rates of PAY

On the 1st June 2017, employees in the private security industry will have their hourly pay increased from €10.75 to €11.05, enjoying pay that exceeds the current minimum wage by more than 19%.  The ERO also guarantees an increase in pay in 2018 to €11.35 an hour and a further increase in pay on the 1st June 2019 to €11.65 an hour, exceeding the current living wage of €11.50 an hour.